News • 13/03/24

Get found online (but not too much)

Person holds up a magnifying glass to their eye. (Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels)
Person holds up a magnifying glass to their eye. (Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels)

Why wouldn’t you want to get found online?

Unless you operate on the dark web (in which case we’re probably not a good fit for you), we reckon the answer is obvious. So, here’s why we always recommend SEO to our clients, whether they want to amplify their brand, increase awareness about a campaign or get more leads.

SEO can be a big source of traffic

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it’s a process that helps a website stand out in searches online. Google, the biggest search engine, gets around 8.5 billion searches a day – that’s a lot of potential traffic to tap into.

And it’s not just any old traffic

Obviously you wouldn’t want to appear in 8.5 billion searches a day. So an important part of SEO is targeting the right search terms you want to show for, so when people Google them, your website is front and centre. This might mean appearing on Google Maps, as a featured recipe or as a featured snippet (also known as position 0, the best place to be in Google) – all things we’ve helped our clients achieve.

And because users coming to your site via SEO are already looking for what you offer, they’re already engaged – this can make it easier when it comes to getting leads because you don’t have to convince them they want what you’re offering (like we’re trying to do now!)

More traffic = more insights

Increased engaged traffic on your site means more audience and content insights. Using programmes like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, insights you can get include:

  • Which terms people use to find your site (and which new search terms you might want to target next)
  • Demographic data, like age, gender and location – info that can help inform everything from your tone of voice to the social media platforms you use
  • How users interact with your site – which pages engage people? Which ones don’t? Which content triggers more key actions, like people getting in touch?


Analytics and Search Console can also help you track progress

Using Analytics and Search Console, the impact of your SEO work is easy to track. You can keep an eye on lots of key performance indicators, like where you rank for your target search terms to how much traffic is coming to your site via search engines.

SEO is also really good for brand discovery…

A few of our clients occupy some very specific spaces, but because the internet is so massive even a tiny corner of it can be big in terms of audience numbers. SEO gives you the chance to really expand your reach when it comes to connecting with new audiences – whether they’re potential clients, customers or funders.

…and brand recognition

And the more relevant searches you appear in, the more people see your brand name. This can help build brand recognition – people generally trust a name they know over one they’re not so familiar with.

It’s cost effective with long term results

SEO can be really economical. Once you’ve put the groundwork in getting the foundations set, SEO can continue to deliver even during those times when you’re not actively SEOing – an optimised blog post for instance, can continue ranking for a specific keyword long after it’s been published.

Start now

It is worth noting that SEO is a long-term strategy, so if you want to make an impact it’s best to start planning a few months in advance (so if you want results in summer, now’s the time to start.)

And if you need a hand, we’d love to chat about how we can help you get found online (in the right way) – get in touch: