News • 23/08/23

Introducing our new look!

We founded Jack & Grace on the belief that doing good is good for business. Three and a bit years later and the proof is in the pudding.

We love ALL our clients and the wonderful things they stand for, from helping older and vulnerable people to encouraging businesses to play their part in the circular economy.

Oh, and as we never get tired of telling anyone, we’re also now an award-winning agency and a certified B Corp.

But why are we such do-gooders?

We think all businesses have a responsibility and an opportunity to shape a better world, through sustainability, regeneration, equality, and sharing resources and wealth. The next generation matters, and the generation after that.

As cheesy as it sounds, we’re doing it for the kids.

We’re even named after two small humans we’re particularly fond of. And just as they’ve grown since we started, so have we. Our team is bigger and so are our ambitions and we needed our visual brand to reflect that.

One of our Co Founders, Nyree, explains a bit more…

A small ripple can make a big change

“I love words, I’m less good at thinking about what things look like. But even I could see we’d outgrown our initial website and visual branding.

It served us well, and I’ll always remember the late nights in the early days trying to pull everything together when we had no money and nothing to lose.

Three years on, it was time to bring in the pros – we’re eternally grateful to the brilliant team at Jory & Co for developing this new look for us. We partner with them on lots of projects and love their work and vibe.

Our new visual brand tells our story beautifully.

We’ve always been on a mission to shift the status quo – to be on the side of companies genuinely doing good, and to rewrite the ‘rules’ of work.

A small ripple in the status quo can lead to wider change down the line. As Matilda, another (albeit fictional) small human says, “even if you’re little you can do a lot”.”

So, a new look, even more conviction in what we’re doing and the same drive to do good.

Take a look around the site and check out our new look. And find out more about our work here: