Go back to your why?

It’s old (from 2009) but Simon Sinek’s ‘start with why‘ still feels very relevant today.

His central theory is that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

That means, your communications should always start with your vision, not your products or services.

Things have changed exponentially since this talk. More organisations than ever are purpose driven, with a desire to improve the world at their core.

And yet, even amongst those purpose-driven organisations, many find it hard to define their why. And even more find it hard to put their why front and centre in their comms.

Over the years we’ve seen how this plays out for organisations of all sorts and sizes.

Reconnecting with their why is how Ambitious about Autism moved from talking as an organisation running services for autistic children and young people, to talking as a movement for change.

Nothing has actually changed – the why was there all along running through everything the organisation does. Now it’s time to talk about it.

It’s a simple but fundamental step-change. And it’s really powerful.

We loved working with Ambitious about Autism on this. Their vision is a future where every autistic child and young person can be themselves and realise their ambitions. In a world where 56% of parents say their autistic child has been ‘unofficially’ excluded from school at some point; fewer than 22% of autistic people are in full or part time employment, the lowest of all disabled groups; and the average life expectancy for an autistic person is just 54 years, we should all be cross about the status quo.

What’s your why? Do you put it front and centre when you communicate? Or do you spend more time talking about what and how?

Hands down, the single most important bit of advice we give the organisations we work with is to refocus on their why.