More ‘un-normaling’

As a business, we're committed to ‘un-normaling’ – we’re on a mission to (try to) look at everything with fresh eyes, challenge norms that are taken for granted, and rewrite the ‘rules’.

It’s harder than it sounds but it’s worth doing because too often, normal, im-or-ex-plicitly shuts some people out.

Over the last week we’ve spotted a couple of great examples of un-normaling, so we're sharing here for inspiration.

On flexible working

Some of us have added this line to our email signature having spotted it on someone else’s and loved it:

I need (and like) to work flexibly. I’m sending this email now because it suits how I balance my working hours. I don’t expect that you’ll read this email outside of the hours that work for you.

Even if it’s already implied, there's something about the clarity of having it explicitly written down that makes us happy. Please feel free to pinch it if you like it.

On career paths

Have you ever seen someone scan a CV, checking to see if the dates align and marking out career gaps as an early indicator of an issue? Definitely something to grill people on at interview, if not immediately rendering them unsuitable. Perhaps you’ve seen bosses do it, then taken the same approach yourself?

Living Sport has just updated their job application form inviting people to share their experiences whilst not in paid employment and the skills they developed.

As they say, lived experiences can be more valuable than having the “right career path”. It absolutely shouldn’t be a barrier to getting a job.

On which note, if you’re not already following Helen Tupper of Squiggly Career fame on LinkedIn, we’d highly recommend it!

If you spot examples of un-normaling, please send them our way: