News • 07/05/20

Taking on the world: a sentimental look back at the past

Jack & Grace co founders stand side by side in a previous job for a civil engineering company
Jack & Grace co founders stand side by side in a previous job for a civil engineering company

A nostalgic look back at how it all began and where we want to go...

This post is written by Jack & Grace Co-Founder Nyree.

I’ve had some amazing bosses in my time. Of course, it goes without saying there have been some terrible ones too. But it was under the stewardship of one of the gooduns, that I first met Laura, co-founder of Jack & Grace.

For both of us, it was our first proper job, in the comms team of a global environmental and engineering consultancy. The kind of engineering that designs bridges and ports, rather than builds cars. The team was headed up by Louise who was, and remains, extra in every way possible. Marketing extraordinaire but also human extraordinaire. I didn’t realise it at the time of course, but the environment she cultivated in her team was something special – open, warm, supportive, ambitious. The kind of place you’re challenged in a good way, you work together, share your view freely and everyone has your back.

Laura and I absolutely thrived in that team and had the time of our lives. Anything felt possible, we were ready to take on the world. We delivered campaigns on everything from new wind farms and ports, to getting young people (particularly girls) interested in careers in engineering. We ran exhibitions all over the globe, got invited to a STEM event at No. 10, developed websites, did social media when it was only just becoming a thing, managed a corporate rebrand and I developed an unhealthy obsession with container terminals, which still persists today.

Louise eventually left us to encourage the UK to fall back in love with fish & chips and, in time, Laura and I both moved on to pastures new too. Laura into the world of local authorities, inward investment and business; me into the third sector then agency and behaviour change/campaigning.

The reason for the nostalgic look back at the past (Laura usually bans this kind of sentimentality), is to give a bit more background on how Jack & Grace came into being.

Laura and I always knew we’d join forces again one day. Over the years, there have been countless conversations about it and ideas thrown out of the window. But this time, the timing was right. And the more we talked, the more we realised we are on the same page about the kind of business we want to build in terms of the work we do and the culture we grow.

We’re all about working with organisations that value people and planet as much as profit, only doing work that makes a positive impact, and shaking things up when it comes to working practices (which we’ve learned from experience need a massive shake).

So here we are. Wiser, wrinklier.

Ready to take on the world again.