News • 28/09/23

Trying something new

Alannah Wiseman
Alannah Wiseman

Have a Go Month

For many people, September heralds the start of a new academic year. Whilst we aren’t exactly donning our freshly ironed uniforms and heading back to the classroom, the beginning of autumn has inspired us to think more broadly about embracing new experiences and routines.

With this is mind, the J&G team challenged ourselves to try or learn something new during September and we’ve called it our ‘Have a Go’ month.

Some of us were inspired to up our skills or focus on a new challenge, whilst others simply embraced a new habit. Find out how we got on below…


“I’ve been wanting to start running for a while now – and our ‘have a go’ month was the motivation I needed to push myself. The hardest part is always starting, but I eventually made it out of the house and into the park. To my own surprise, I really enjoyed it from the very first run!

My personal goal was to run 5k – and on one of my last runs I just decided ‘today’s the day’. Maybe I’m a bit stubborn, but it worked – and just showed what you can achieve if you really want something (I know it sounds cringe, but it’s true!). Picking this up as part of the J&G challenge really inspired me and I think it’s something I won’t stop doing anytime soon.”


“Usually if there’s something wrong with my car, I’ll ask someone else to fix it. But in the spirit of ‘having a go’, I decided to replace my headlight bulb myself! It was much easier than I anticipated and makes me realise it’s sometimes worth learning something new.

I rarely use my car as I work from home and mostly walk places, but it’s good to know that I can put my mechanic hat on when I need to.”


“I decided to ‘have a go’ at something I’ve been wanting to do for a while… commit to using more eco-friendly toilet paper.

I heard ‘Who Gives a Crap’ talking on Radio 4’s ‘Gap Finders’ programme and it peaked my interest. Eco-friendly toilet roll delivered in bulk from a fellow B-Corp. Easy, good for the environment and it puts an end to finding out I’ve just used up the last loo roll.

Plus, it proves PR works and drives sales!”


“I’m going to have one mindfulness day each month, starting in September, where I’m offline in some capacity.”


“This month I ran my very first half-marathon race and there was nowhere better to do it than on home soil at the Great North Run. And great it was too! I’ve run that distance before, but never with 60,000 other people, or thousands of spectators cheering me on.

It was Sir Mo Farrah’s last competitive event, so the atmosphere was even more super-charged than usual. And with the brilliant people of the North East lining the streets offering encouragement and jelly babies galore, and the red arrows dancing in the skies from Newcastle to South Shields, it was the most incredible experience. I’ll definitely be balloting again next year!”

Jess S.

“I felt like I was stuck in a rut making the same old meals every week, so I ‘had a go’ at some new recipes from Mindful Chef and it was well worth it!

Getting some new inspiration delivered directly to my doorstep was amazing – the added bonus is that they are a fellow B-Corp, so not only was I cooking some deliciously healthy new meals, but I also felt good that I was using a company that values people and the planet.”

Jess N.

“September feels like the perfect time to set some new intentions and ‘have a go’ – so I was really pleased to hear the team was doing this together.

My challenge will actually take place in January, but my training started this month… because I’ve booked my first race! As a fitness enthusiast, it’s something I’ve always really wanted to do but shied away from. I’m doing this to challenge myself, but I’ll also be raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK in memory and honour of my gran.”