Why are we called Jack & Grace?


We think all businesses have a responsibility and an opportunity to shape a better world – not just by trying to do as little harm as possible, but by making a positive contribution. We’re talking sustainability, regeneration, equality, and sharing resources and wealth.


We don’t mean by making an app that does bank transfers even faster or makes travel easier. That kind of stuff might challenge the status quo a bit, but it doesn’t reinvent it. And it needs reinventing. We think comms done well is a superpower. And we want to be on the side of businesses doing good.


Why? Because the next generation matters and the generation after that. We’re doing it for the kids.


Jack & Grace just happen to be two specific kids we’re rather fond of.

why us

We believe that doing good is good for business.

That’s why we only work for organisations that value people, planet and profit equally.


Done right, comms is a superpower.

We think it should be used to make a positive social and environmental impact.


It’s time to think differently about what work looks like.

In founding Jack & Grace, we wanted to challenge some of the long-held ‘norms’ that no longer feel right. We call this journey ‘un-normaling’.


We’ve made legally binding commitments to value people and planet in our founding documents and our amazing Board supports and holds us to account.


We’re a Pending B Corp and proud to be on the journey to becoming certified.


We’re committed to running a considerate, kind, flexible organisation and this runs through our policies, job descriptions and business plan. We’re transparent with salaries, offer all roles flexibly, and proactively question out-dated views and norms.


As a communications and impact relations agency we create and deliver work that cuts through the noise, reaches the right audience and gets results.