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Spot Leukaemia

Raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of leukaemia

Spot Leukaemia logo
Spot Leukaemia logo

Raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of leukaemia

We were tasked to increase awareness of key symptoms of the disease – because when people spot them early and seek medical help, it can make a positive difference to survival rates. We also needed to target an older demographic – busting the myth that children are the most likely to get the disease.

Instead of asking people to remember a long list of symptoms, our campaign asked people to channel their inner five-year-old and ask ‘why’ more often. After all, children ask ‘why?’ a lot, perhaps it’s time grown-ups ask it more?

We partnered with Faltrego to bring our concept and creative to life. Our channel strategy ensured it would engage the right people in the right ways.

The result was an engaging and moving video highlighting some of the times we wish children weren’t quite so curious… ‘Why is your tummy squishy?’; ‘Why are your boobies floppy?’; as well as times when questions might highlight an underlying issue: ‘Why are you always too tired to play?’; ‘Why are you poorly again?’.

We overachieved our KPI by more than 500% for content views:

  • The video gained 1.6 million views with an engagement rate of 10.61%
  • 19,000 people clicked through to the campaign website (up 154% on usual traffic levels)
  • Google searches shot up by 650%
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  • Jack & Grace were the perfect partner for this campaign – we love their creativity and strategic approach to the brief.

    Their understanding of our goals and target audience delivered a campaign that made a tangible difference in spreading awareness. The results speak for themselves.

    Alex Halfpenny, Digital and Communications Manager, Leukaemia Care & Lizzie Afonzo and Anna Wilson, Directors of Communications at Leukaemia UK