News • 10/04/24

SEO for the British Tomato Growers’ Association

Reaching new audiences online.

The British Tomato Growers’ Association (BTGA) is the national body representing over 90% of the UK’s commercial tomato growers and has championed the British tomato since 1997.

On a mission to encourage consumers to choose seasonal British grown tomatoes rather than imports with higher food miles, the BTGA runs an annual campaign to get their message across – called British Tomato Fortnight (BTF).


Our brief

In preparation for the campaign, the BTGA commissioned us to optimise its website for search engines – called SEO (search engine optimisation.)

Our aim was to ensure the site appeared for key searches online that would help the BTGA achieve its campaign aims – as well as boosting performance in the long term.


Our work

We started with a website audit to identify and resolve any issues that could be affecting SEO performance.

We then carried out research to find important search terms that the BTGA’s key audiences were looking for online and made the necessary updates to the site to ensure it was optimised for these keywords and audiences.


The results

SEO can be a bit of a slow burner, but we saw quick results:

  • Key measurements like impressions, rankings and clicks all improved within days.
  • Recipes on the site, a key part of the campaign, were also now appearing in Google’s featured recipes section, showing alongside the likes of BBC Good Food and Sainsbury’s in search results.


The positive results continued following the end of BTF…

  • Six months after optimisation, the site was at the top of Google’s rankings for a number of key searches we’d targeted.
  • This included at least one page appearing as the featured snippet – also called position 0, this is the best spot to be on Google.
  • Organic search had become by far the biggest driver of traffic to the website, accounting for 79% of total visitors to the site.
  • And one of the pages we’d optimised had become the most visited on the site, with several others in the top ten.


Our work has helped ensure that when users search for relevant queries, the BTGA website is front and centre.

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