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Experts in PR for charities and third sector organisations

Jack & Grace branded graphic with the text
Jack & Grace branded graphic with the text

We're Jack & Grace, a purpose driven communications agency that specialises in PR for charities and third sector organisations.

We think PR done well is a superpower and are on a mission to help organisations that do good to make an impact.

Cutting out the noise and helping you deliver the messages that matter

Our team is really experienced in working with third sector organisations, so we understand the challenges when it comes to PR for charities.

Budgets aren’t endless and neither are your team’s resources. So, we always start with strategy to cut out the noise and identify exactly what’s needed – and ensure your resources and energy are directed where they’re most needed.

We’ll help you find your voice and pinpoint the stories that really matter. And immerse ourselves in the world of your key audiences, so we know how to reach them and where.

Using our in depth knowledge of the media landscape and our relationships with journalists, we’ll then deliver your messages – through the right channels and to the right people.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and adapt our approach to suit you

We believe PR works best when we’re in sync with our clients, working side-by-side like an extension of your team.

We’ll take time to get to know you and understand how you work – and will adapt our approach to get the best out of our partnership.

We’re a full service comms agency

Our team is made up of creative, flexible and friendly PR specialists and behaviour change experts. We’re a full-service comms agency that can also help with everything from social media management and brand development to SEO and influencer marketing.

Check out some of the charities we’ve worked with

From fundraising to raising awareness, we’ve worked with charities making a difference across lots of different areas of life. A few of our clients include:

  • The Country Trust: through PR and influencer marketing, we helped this national charity connect children with farming, food and the countryside. Find out more here.
  • Spot Leukaemia: early detection is vital when it comes to leukaemia survival rates. Using digital marketing and social media management, we helped this annual campaign reach more people than ever. Find out how we did it (including our amazing campaign video) here.
  • The Unite Foundation: we helped care-experienced young people get their voices heard, and made universities and politicians sit up and take note. Check out our work with The Unite Foundation.

Every year we also deliver a pro bono campaign

For example:

Kill Phil: a hard hitting a podcast about assisted dying, bringing this incredibly difficult topic to light. Have a listen below 👇

World Wellbeing Movement: exposing wellbeing inequalities across the UK to shift focus towards valuing what truly matters. Find out more.

PR for charities – get in touch

If we sound like we’re what you’re looking for from a PR agency, we’d love to chat. Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: